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I think about the Winter Soldier tying his hair back (poorly) a lot.Drawn on my phone whilst at work so I didn’t have the best references.
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I think about the Winter Soldier tying his hair back (poorly) a lot.
Drawn on my phone whilst at work so I didn’t have the best references.

So I’ve been working on this one on and off (mostly off) for a few days now. And check it, I finally drew two of them in the same picture!
Also this is totally not how they act when they’re together I don’t know what the heck I was doing. What a misleading image wow. I’m sorry.

Kris and Reese everyone. I guess Reese is gonna bust some heads and Kris is like “okay let’s stop and think about that for a moment”. Yes that’s what’s going on.

Being touched by metal fingers must be weird and uncomfortable. Hmm…

Okay so here’s our first look at Reese. The remaining privately-owned CBP I had planned (for important characters anyway). Her bird is the Araucana— which is a chicken (known for their “ear tufts” and blue eggs). They’re a show-breed kind of thing for the most part but in this case I’m playing off “cock fighting”. She is, essentially, a gladiator. Which is a heavily regulated sport— very expensive for their owners— if anything it’s more like Ultimate Fighting. It is also the most popular televised sport in the city which basically makes the gladiators super stars (But trust me it’s not all glitz and glamor).

Kris may or may not have a huge fan crush on her. Ha. Ahaha. Ha.

Oh look it’s Kris again. Kris is “owned” by one of the two consuls (political system based on the Roman Republic) who are essentially the political figureheads/rulers of the city (which still doesn’t have a name fuckfuck) She is his “body guard”. [Which is weird for a falcon-type (as they are essentially designed for hunting/killing) but as her owner is basically in control of the CBP development program so he can pretty much do whatever he wants in that regard.]

Kris is generally treated poorly and has had the most cybernetic work done to her (she’s had her eyes and arms replaced among other things). She is one expensive CBP and because of this, can kick around anyone’s tail if she was ordered to do so (although Roari would still have an advantage in the dark). 

Remember kiddies, Aplomado Falcons are notorious for their skill in taking their prey right out of the air— which is why they’re prized for falconers who hunt game birds. 

Everyone look it’s Kaydin. Get used to him he’s super important. Also I’m 90% sure he’s the youngest character (so far). He is a Red-Crested Woodpecker.

His job is to find problems or errors and fix them before they can do any (often major) damage. His specialty is that he can see or “feel” these threats bellow the “wood” whereas everyone else can only see these problems once they’re already exposed. However, that’s not the only thing that makes him “special”.

For some reason… every time I draw Roari or Pierce alone—- I always end up drawing the other one right after. Their codependency is just that outrageous. SO yes, here is Roari, the Crested Owl. As with Pierce, Roari’s eyes were removed (only at a much later age), and replaced with cybernetics, in fact the goggles he usually wears are to limit his vision in well lit areas as well as keep him focused as the sensory overload is still too much for him to handle in ordinary situations. And yet, sight isn’t his only hunting device; his hearing has been enhanced as well— basically, night time hunts are kinda his thing.

PS: I regret the orange and green colour combo. I just… couldn’t… resist.

So I guess here’s the first formal introduction of Pierce, the Turkey Vulture. He specializes in hunting and tracking with his sense of smell; in fact, his eyes were removed at birth to insure his usefulness (the entire area has been transformed into a secondary olfactory unit). Unfortunately this handicap makes it near impossible for him to hunt alone. He is also the least likely of the predatory birds to engage in combat. He instead leaves that to his partner, Roari.

Okay this time I’m only submitting the sketch because then my posts don’t take up your whole dash. (My phone has a very tall screen thus all the pictures that come from it are tall).

So here’s Alix again. The Macaw. The only one of my birds (so far— I have another planned but the design is proving difficult) who does not have “wings”. (In his case, with his status as… well, “pet”, the lack of wings is much like how pet birds get their wings clipped so they can’t fly— but within the story it’s because he doesn’t “need them”, at least, where his owner is concerned).

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Annie’s basically the most important crew member on the whole dang ship. (And not just because they’d all be lost at sea without her).
She also has a pet bird (where that feather/quill was from) that I was too lazy to draw. Used mainly for long distance communication… and maybe some company.

Marlo? Marco’s first mate (and quartermaster)? Bet you didn’t see that coming.
Also; he used to be part of the navy, but shit happened.

It’s… a very self-indulgent Pirate AU.

Flycatcher & Woodpecker

Falcon & Macaw

Owl & Vulture